All Policies

    For All

  • Enhanced mental health expenditure under Medicare
  • Provide a simple fair social security system that includes pre-school care
  • Increase pre-school funding in high growth areas
  • Reform the complex, broken and unfair tax system
  • Australian forces overseas only on UN duty
  • Gambling ads on TV only after 9pm
  • For Those Starting Out

  • Fund widespread advertising of minimum wage rates & entitlements to educate those most disadvantaged
  • Criminalise wage theft in all its forms including underpay, sham rostering, unpaid internships and non payment of superannuation
  • Limit the fees universities can charge Australian students
  • Wipe out up to 3 years HECS debt & VET Student Loan
  • Reverse the burden of proof on underpayment claims
  • Create employer incentives for permanent employment over unfair permanent casual work
  • Environment, Climate Change & Busting Congestion

  • Start building the East Coast VFT
  • None of our taxes for Adani
  • No public money for infrastructure to assist Adani's viability
  • Force renegotiation of the gas contracts with China to extract a fair price – Malaysia renegotiated its high speed rail contract with China forcing a significant price benefit for Malaysia
  • Impose a Qatar level royalty on all gas extractions and rebate part of the royalty on domestic supplies – collect $26 billion for our gas exports rather than $0.8 billion
  • None of our taxes for coal
  • Incentivise high km fleet & working vehicles to transition to electric vehicles
  • Reduce dependency on private motor vehicles by providing world class public transport infrastructure commencing with key locations
  • Means tested assistance to the aged to achieve four star energy rating for their houses through approved retro fitting to avoid pink batts scenarios
  • Funding for fully interconnected on-road bike paths to the CBD, to the beach and from Caulfield/Glen Eira area to the Gardiners Creek path
  • Funding for fixed rail in Fisherman’s Bend
  • Affordable sustainable and reliable power with planned phasing out of coal
  • National initiative on packaging, waste management and recycling – stop exporting our trash
  • Funding for better integration of modal interchanges at key stations
  • Funding to Interlink the #96 routes and #67 routes through Elwood
  • Feasibility study for bike racks on the front of long distance bus routes (as in Vancouver)
  • A proper Murray-Darling Basin Plan
  • End the diesel fuel rebate.
  • For Those Who Have Finished Their Working Life

  • Make the in-home aged care program work for those receiving care
  • Registered nurse 24/7 at every nursing home
  • Make provision for doctors to activate 14 days emergency in-home assistance for the aged after injury or illness (including for a carer partner)
  • Reduce the waiting time for in-home aged care to less than one month
  • Gas for 1 room must be affordable for every aged person
  • Small Business

  • Fair measures to protect franchisees and licensees
  • Reform the system for dealing with fradulent or fictitious claims by employees
  • Remove the disincentives to employing people
  • Simple fair test to distinguish employee OR contractor - for all tax and pension purposes
  • A fair superannuation top up opportunity for those over 55
  • Within Macnamara

  • Funding for an off road cycling facility catering for all forms of cycling competition including paracyclists - within Caulfield Racecourse or Albert Park or at Fisherman’s Bend
  • For Politicians

  • Make politicians’ allowances taxable subject to substantiation
  • Require real time transparency on all political donations
  • Fund a real time political donations website - for all candidate
  • Election funding limited to the extent of donations publicly disclosed by the time postal voting opens
  • Reform the rules relating to government achievement advertising with public funds

About Chris

Chris Wallis stands for election to represent you,

to work for you

... and to work for you.

He is a local having lived at 8 addresses in the electorate since 1989 and conducted business from two addresses in the electorate over the last 12 years. He has an appetite for work and attention to detail and puts 30 years of experience building and operating his own businesses, mostly in relation to tax, at your disposal. On every issue he will listen to you and articulate and prosecute your views. His experience, as barrister fighting the ATO, leaves him well placed to represent you. He is no party patsy. He is a member of:

  • The Victorian Bar
  • The Taxation Institute
  • The Australasian Tax Teachers Association
  • Melbourne Cricket Club
  • St Kilda Cycling Club
  • The Cappuchinos (Elwood based)
  • The GORCs (Lorne based)
  • The Danish Club

He is also a keen organic vegetable grower.